Call to extend police operations

POLICE will need to extend their operations to the slums of Suva as well.

With the recent incidents of street mugging, pickpocketing and many other petty crimes in the Capital City, former Commissioner of Police Romanu Tikotikoca claimed that police were only doing their operations in the forefront, but not in the slums of Suva.

“This is an ongoing issue, in order to control all these events, you need to find means and ways of eradicating it,” he said.

Mr Tikotikoca said street kids living on the streets of Suva were normally involved in pickpocketing.

“They are normally involved in pickpocketing. They tell us they only do this when there is a large crowd.

“During our time, we have meetings with them and they will tell us what they do.

“We work hand in hand with all these groups, we know who are the people that are on the streets of Suva every day.

“We know where they sleep and we also have daily meetings with them, the shoeshine boys and the street kids especially, because these people, they have problems of their own which forces them to the streets.”

He said relevant authorities needed to be genuine with the way those living on the streets were approached.

“They have to be discouraged from doing this.

“Some move to the streets to ease the burden in their homes. They come to look for life on the streets.”

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said police had community policing initiatives running parallel to the operations not only in Suva, but throughout the four policing divisions.

“It is an issue that we are mindful of,” she said.

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