Call for review

Drasa cane farmers at the National Sugar Policy consultation at Drasa Primary School in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

A SUGAR industry expert has called on Government to relook at the sector’s governing document — the Sugar Master Award — and its relevance to the industry today.

Mohammed Habib, a canefarmer who has also held the title of Fairtrade Relations and Development co-ordinator and European Union Coordination Unit technical manager, said there was an urgent need to review the award.

“Whether it’s an applicable document now and whether the clauses and the conditions and rules and institutes that are enshrined in the Master Award which ultimately is the holy grail of the industry is relevant today is something that needs to be looked at,” he said while making a submission at the National Sugar Industry Policy consultation in Lautoka on Wednesday.

“It should also include issues like the cane payment system, cane quality — payment on the quality of cane that is being delivered.”

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