Call for protest against decision

BEIJING – Chinese state media on Sunday called on industrial and commercial sectors in the United States to rally against President Donald Trump’s plans for an additional $US100 billion ($F200b) in tariffs against Chinese goods.

Mr Trump threatened the extra tariffs after China last week imposed $US3b ($F6b) of tariffs on US fruits, nuts, wine and pork, just hours after the United States unveiled an initial $US50b ($F102b) in tariffs on Chinese goods.

The tit-for-tat tariffs between the world’s two largest economies follows a US finding that China was engaging in unfair trade practices in connection with intellectual property protections. China rejects the charge.

“We call on the international business community including the United States industrial and commercial circles to take prompt and effective measures and urge the US government to correct its errors,” said state newspaper People’s Daily.

It also said that Chinese enterprises and industry will band together to support any government action against the tariffs.

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