Call for prosecution of those implicated in EU money scandal in Vanuatu

Vanuatu MP Francois Sani. Picture: VANUATU DAILY POST

AUCKLAND, 10 SEPTEMBER 2018 (RNA PACIFIC) – Vanuatu MP Francois Sani has called on the Government to prosecute MPs, public servants and provincial administrators who have been implicated in an over US$2.5 million scandal.

The money, under the European Development Fund 9, was allocated for three major projects but was allegedly misused.

According to a Commission of Inquiry report, two projects were declared complete in February 2017 for Torba and Penama Provinces, but were found to be non-operational.

While funding for a project in Malampa Province was almost used up, even though the project was never set up.

Sani told the Daily Post newspaper that white collar crime was eroding the trust and confidence people had for the leadership.

He said it is not right that the commission report presented to the Council of Ministers had been shelved.

The report said over 20 people and one business was implicated in the projects’ funding and recommended further investigations into how people gained access to the funding.

Sani said the findings have substantial evidence to prosecute people and there is no need to do extra work to investigate….

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