Call for OAG to use power to ensure compliance

Update: 6:21PM THE tax payers of Fiji cannot afford to cover for the losses incurred by the Ministry of Education since 2015 as highlighted by the Office of the Auditor General.

Shadow Minister for Education Mikaele Leawere stressed
this in a statement saying those managing the finances and those who engaged in
financial transactions within the Ministry must remember that the funds are
provided for quality teaching and learning so as to create and maintain a
knowledge based society and not for extravagance of the red tape bureaucracy. 

“The Ministry of Education must adhere to the standard
accounting policies and procedures when managing its finances,” Mr Leawere

“The Opposition calls upon the Office of the Auditor
General to use the powers vested in its office and exercise the same to ensure
compliance,” he said.

“There is a high risk that funds will continue to be
used for purposes other than it was allocated for in the first place.”

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