Call for more urgency

Lekutu district villagers access services of the Ministry of iTaukei during the district meeting in Votua village. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

THE urgency of issues discussed during district meetings was questioned at Votua Village in Lekutu, Bua yesterday.

Speaking on the issue of dry spell at Galoa Island, former district representative Tevita Raiova said a new reason used by Government personnel during meetings to address issues was “tiko enai tuvatuva (it was within plans)”.

Mr Raiova claimed the excuse had replaced the “kau cake (it will be taken up)” excuse which was a favourite excuse used by government personnel in the past.

He said issues raised at the district meeting were taken up to the provincial council and brought back to the district level because they were still part of government plans.

He added that it was about time they approached government officers and found out whether issues raised during the meetings were addressed.

This, he said, was imperative because most issues were repeatedly discussed every year.

Lekutu district representative Ovini Baleinamau said Water Authority of Fiji officials had only visited Galoa Island to look at the water issue on Monday when they knew that the district meeting was to be held yesterday.

Responding to these concerns, roko tui Bua Sivo Nadumu said development projects could not be achieved by Government alone overnight, adding it took a concerted effort to make things happen.

Mr Nadumu highlighted there were more than 3000 villagers within the province that had different issues which needed to be addressed too.

He challenged villagers to reconsider their grievances and concerns and look at what they could do to help address their issues.

Mr Nadumu told villagers there were a lot of requests that had been received at the district office and yet no one dared to look at how they could help address these needs.

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