Call for help

A MOTHER and daughter of Benau in Labasa are appealing and seeking assistance from relevant authorities and members of the public.

Maya Wati, 64, has been a caregiver to her disabled daughter Nileshni Narayan, 33, for over 30 years by herself.

“She cannot walk properly and sometimes she would need my hand,” Ms Wati said.

Ms Wati said they lived on the food voucher assistance from the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation.

“We also receive $90 assistance from the Ministry of Women in our bank account, but my main worry is my daughter’s safety as I am old now,” she said.

“It’s over 30 years and I have been taking care of her and the thought of leaving her behind as I grow old scares me.”

Ms Wati said their food voucher would only last them for a few weeks and they had to go without food.

“We both have needs like every woman and with the $90 assistance, I tried to buy my daughter new clothes like other people have,” she said.

“It makes me happy seeing my daughter’s face lit up with excitement when she sees a new dress.”

Ms Wati said she sometimes sacrificed her meal for her daughter.

“I’m not working and just a full time mother and when there is not enough food at home, I would let my daughter to eat and say that I am not hungry just so she can eat nicely without having to worry about me,” she said.

“Sometimes when there is enough rice for both of us, than I would cook rice to go with tea for dinner.”

Ms Wati has three daughters and two are married.

“My other two daughters are married and have their own family to worry about,” she said.

“My responsibility is here with Nileshni, I want her to have the best and for that I need some assistance such as a wheelchair as she gets tired from walking with a stick and I can’t help her always since my knees have grown weak too.”

Ms Wati said gone were the days she would do everything for her daughter, but now she needed assistance.

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