Call for better links

THERE is a need for strong links between the tourism industry and the agriculture industry in Fiji, so more locally-produced goods can be used in the tourism industry.

Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association president Dixon Seeto said the association supported the agriculture industry and there had been regular meetings with the Agriculture Minister on having a strong link between the two industries.

“We would like to help the agriculture industry and even many of the resorts and hotels have started their own small farms, which are totally organic,” Mr Seeto said.

“The association has been working with the chef association in promoting the use of local produce in the hotel and resort menus.

“During the chef competition, we even sponsor the prize on the most innovative dish using local produce and we have had many top chefs like Lance Seeto that has been using local produce.”

He said local chefs needed to be more innovative in producing menus with local produce that would be attractive not only to the tourist but to the locals too.

“Fiji being a tropical country grows varieties of fruits, vegetables and root crops and many hotels are actually using this.

“We encourage the agriculture industry to achieve their 2020 agenda because it keeps foreign exchange in the country which is good for Fiji.”

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