Call for balanced information campaign in New Caledonia

NOUMEA, 03 JULY 2018 (RNZ PACIFIC) – A leading New Caledonian pro-independence politician has called for a balanced information campaign in the lead-up to the November referendum on independence from France.

Paul Neaoutyine, who is the head of the Palika party and the president of the Northern Province, was speaking after a meeting with the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe in Paris.

Neaoutyine said the public needs to have a full understanding of what the two options mean.

He says the media present an unbalanced account of the two options, weighing in with reports mainly against attaining full sovereignty.

Neaoutyine said reports also keep pointing to the case of Vanuatu, suggesting that independence from France will result in poverty.

But he said in New Caledonia’s case, a unique independence process is being applied as it involves a partnership.

In his comments, Neaoutyine has repeatedly called for New Caledonia’s independence in partnership with France.

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