Call for aggressive enforcement of littering fines

Aggressive enforcement of fines will address indiscriminate littering, says Lautoka Rural Local Authority chairperson, Faiaaz Ali.

Mr Ali said rural authority bodies had enforcement officers who worked tirelessly to ensure residential areas were kept free of makeshift rubbish dumps, but rubbish dumping persisted.

“One thing people must understand is that disposing of our rubbish properly is not the sole responsibility of the Ministry of Health,” he said.

“The responsibility lies on everyone because if diseases arise, the whole nation will be affected.”

Mr Ali said he hoped the draft legislation on rubbish disposal would include hefty fines for those who did not dispose their rubbish properly.

“I think our legislation for rubbish disposal is coming soon because at the moment we don’t have an Act in place but we do have the Litter Decree in place.

“In the rural areas, we have rural local authorities who have their enforcement officers and they have been doing their best.

“But I think it’s high time that we really aggressively enforce fines and punishments for those who litter and dump their rubbish illegally.

“We just had the eticketing system and that was made compulsory and we should have something similar when it comes to littering.

“We should make it compulsory for people not to litter.”

Mr Ali said public awareness was also important.

“We have to work with all the relevant authorities, including those working with drainage systems and waterways and even engage our turaga ni koro and our tikina representatives to get this message across to our people.”

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