Calanog: The bodies are of no use to Fiji

US couple Michelle and David. Picture: SUPPLIED/FAMILY

TEXAS couple David and Michelle Paul’s families’ attempts to have their remains shipped to the United States is gaining traction.

Yesterday, police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said “authorities are now at Nadi morgue where they are preparing the victims’ bodies to be released to the authorised morgue services to be conveyed to the US”.

She was responding to statements made by Michelle’s father, Marc Calanog, questioning the need for Fiji to hold on to the remains.

He had engaged the services of an independent pathologist with expertise in forensic investigation last week to conduct further tests should the toxicology report expected this week show up “inconclusive results”.

He said he had expected authorities in Fiji to clear the bodies for repatriation after investigations ruled out infectious disease as a cause of death.

“After that announcement, the bodies are of no use to Fiji,” he said, adding he had made an official request for clearance last week.

“There is no point holding it in storage because Fiji does not have the capacity to do any further tests.

“We wanted the bodies so the forensic experts here can take the specimens they need.

“There are three doctors from my wife’s side of the family involved in discussions and we were agonising over the storage processes and how time could affect the tests – if we needed to do it.

“Both families also want to lay David and Michelle to rest, have a viewing and farewell them with a funeral service.”

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