Cairns court jails PNG man for people smuggling

CAIRNS, 22 NOVEMBER 2018 (THE NATIONAL) – A Court in Australia has sentenced a Papua New Guinea man to five years imprisonment for smuggling six people into North Queensland, a court official says.

Cairns court administration officer Penny Laycock confirmed that Koloney Bama was found guilty of human smuggling by the Australian Supreme Court. Bama, 52, is from Mabudaun village in South Fly, Western.

He was charged with smuggling six Chinese across the PNG-Australian maritime border into Far North Queensland.

“The Supreme Court in Cairns sentenced Bama to five years for breaching the Commonwealth Migration Act 1958,” Laycock said.

Laycock, the Supreme Court and District Court registry administration officer in Cairns said Bama was sentenced on Monday.

He had been in police and immigration custody in Cairns for 15 months.

Police said Bama and six Chinese people were arrested by the Australian border administration officials on Horn Island and taken to Thursday Island on Aug 24 last year.

“He had smuggled them in a boat from Daru in Western Province to Horn Island in the Torres Straits in Australia,” police said.

“They must have come through Indonesia and crossed the PNG-Indonesia land border into Western. From there the suspect (Bama) met the six Chinese and brought them across the border.

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