Cabbies against Vodo app

Lautoka Taxi Association stakeholders during a meeting in Lautoka yesterday. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THE Lautoka Taxi Association has expressed concerns over the installation of a new app for taxi operators.

The Vodo Taxi App has been proposed by the Land Transport Authority as a new platform for taxi services in Fiji.

Association president Raben Singh said a majority of their members in the Sugar City were against the installation of the new app.

“We called a special meeting with our members here in Lautoka and informed them of a letter that we received from LTA regarding the new Vodo Taxi App,” he said.

“When we informed them of what the app does and what it will mean for our members and their customers, 99 per cent of them were against it.

“So we will be having another meeting with LTA to inform them of what our members think and what the association will be doing next.”

According to an expression of interest for the provision for the Vodo Taxi App, LTA will be introducing the application to assist Fijian taxi operators and taxi customers.

“The specification and smartness of the Vodo Taxi App will include the app being rolled out in 2021 and that it would be fully funded by the taxi community in Fiji,” the EOI stated.

“Taxi operators will pay a registration fee (to be determined) in two payments the first of which will enable registration on to the Vodo Taxi App system and upon receipt of the second payment the app would then go live.

“Taxi operators will only be able to use Vodo Taxi App after paying the annual licence fee (to be determined) to be paid directly to the successful vendor.”

Questions sent to Land Transport Authority CEO Samuel Simpson remain unanswered.

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