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THERE is no such thing as an emergency licence, says Department of Lands manager Northern Joseva Vuniamatana.

Mr Vuniamatana clarified this during the development minerals awareness workshop at the Commissioner Northern’s boardroom in Labasa earlier this week.

“For all gravel contractors that usually come to us for an emergency licence, it is important that you have to know that there is no such thing as an emergency licence,” he said. He said contractors needed to have an advanced plan if they wanted to get a licence for certain work that they had to do.

“In this way, we would be able to have a lot of time to get your licence done and it would not interfere with your work schedule and we won’t get into a lot of trouble getting a licence done for you,” he said.

“We have a certain procedure that you have to follow and you must respect those procedures, you can’t come to us today and expect us to do an emergency licence overnight.”

Mr Vuniamatana said they issued licences under the State Lands Act regulation 29.

“Licences may be granted by the director for a period, not actually 12 months, but for the following purposes — for the removal of sand, lime and common stone so under this Act is how we issue the licences,” he said.

Local contractor Natural Gift Carriers Ltd owner Shakeel Hussain said the workshop had broadened their knowledge about the issues they face every day.

“We have gained a lot of useful information from this workshop where we have been enlightened of many questions that we have had for so long,” he said.

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