Bylaws consultation

EVERY village in the country will have to participate in the consultation process of the proposed village by-law being prepared by the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs.

Ministry’s permanent secretary Naipote Katonitabua said the first draft of the village bylaws, which had 20 subtitles, would be presented today at the Tailevu Provincial Council meeting.

Mr Katonitabua said every village would have different bylaws set in place, therefore it was only appropriate for every district under the 14 provinces to participate in phase one of the project.

He said the draft iTaukei copy of the proposed village bylaw would be circulated among all registered 1171 village headmen in the country before the end of November.

“We will give time for the consultation, we will need to visit the whole of Fiji, discussing the content of the village bylaw that they would like to have in each village, and it will not be a standard village bylaw for every village,” he said.

“Each village will have their own interest, their own law which they would like to protect or safeguard. And there are other issues that other villages will not want to have, so this village bylaws will be emanated from the villagers themselves.”

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