Busy streets

While crossing a busy Vakabale St in Lautoka on Saturday around midday, a twin cab (number starts with HM. I have the number) suddenly veered in from Vitogo Parade without signalling.

I gestured to the driver that he did not give indicator lights to which he stopped, swore at me and yelled that the spot was not a crossing!

He was right on the crossing claim, but then this spot (junction of Vitogo Parade and Vakabale St) is heavily used by pedestrians to cross and sensible drivers would give indicators before making a turn, especially when there are many pedestrians crossing.

However, what struck my mind was the abusive response from the matured adult driver.

Is immorality the only retaliation when your mistakes are pointed out?

Have meaningful options drenched and acerbated adults would rather respond unpalatably as opposed to accepting culpability?

It doesn’t occur only on the roads but such retaliations are common in almost every untoward situation, especially from the party at fault.

The driver gave no consideration to others present, which included kids and elders too.

Aren’t our little ones watching and learning such behaviour?

While we adults often complain about absence of moral standards in the younger generation, their demeanour in fact partly reflects learning from their observations too.

So perhaps such drivers, or just anyone in any situation likewise, may like to reconsider their rebuttal and consign their response accordingly with due consideration to one’s present in the immediate vicinity.

There are better ways for sure, and perhaps the best way is to apologise for wrongdoing and win hearts!

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