Busy centre

The Land Transport Authority complex at Valelevu is a headquarters and because of the wide range of services it provides makes it a very busy centre.

Its customers either drive in and others simply walk into the complex.

There is an adjacent car park and people normally use the path in the front of the building to get to the main office area.

Just next to the building there is a site map and greatly assists anyone who is a first timer which provides office locations and other general information.

The site map is affixed to a post and is along the pedestrian foot-path.

There is a metal chamber cover about two feet away from the site map location measuring about two feet square.

Because of corrosion the top of this metal cover has created a hole which is about a foot long and six inches wide and large enough for a foot to go through.

The edges are very sharp and can also cause a trip or a fall and may cause serious injuries.

Anyone suffering a cut from this rusted hazard may suffer from an adverse health condition which can also result in serious complication.

This is a high priority issue and all attempts must be taken immediately to eliminate the hazard or control the risk without delay.

Satish Nakched


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