Businesses reminded of obligations

Minister for Employment, Industrial Relations and Productivity Jone Usamate speaking at a Public Consultation on Employee and Employer issues at Nadi Civic Centre yesterday. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

BUSINESS owners in Nadi were reminded of their obligations to staff members who worked above and beyond their normal scope of duties.

Employment, Industrial Relations and Productivity Minister Jone Usamate said he was concerned about workers not being compensated for working outside of their normal workplaces and not being given benefits they were entitled to under the law. He raised the issue with employers during a consultation in Nadi yesterday.

“If people have to move away from their normal workplaces and work somewhere else, you have to give them some money for food, for being away from home and being away from their family,” he said.

Mr Usamate said any employee who worked outside of his “normal” work zone was entitled to meal allowances and subsistence allowance.

He also said bereavement leave was another area of concern with some businesses refusing to pay workers for time taken during the loss of immediate family members.

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