Businesses caught off guard

BUSINESSES in Ba Town were caught off guard during the change in weather experienced last weekend.

The town was inundated by floodwaters in the weekend and the early hours of yesterday morning.

When floodwaters receded, shop owners took the time to clean shops and brace for more rainfall.

One of the businessmen, Rakesh Pratap, said cleaning up had been hindered by low water pressure yesterday.

“Electricity was restored but we had difficulties because of the water pressure,” he said.

“We were surprised to see the level of flooding because this wasn’t something we expected. We didn’t receive any alert as to what was happening.”

The town, along with Rakiraki, was closed for the day as shop owners mainly focused on cleaning up and getting back on track.

Mr Pratap said some items in the shop had been damaged quite badly and thus, had to be disposed off.

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