FROM a simple go getter at the age of 12, the humble Manorma Khan (Norma) knew in her heart that she like many people out there would achieve something incredible in her life.

Apart from her many achievements in life, Redbrick Laundry managing director Norma still stays grounded, putting what matters the most first — family.

Norma last week was awarded the WIB Business Woman of the Year award and she says the award would boost the business further with her wanting to expand her business by 30 per cent.

She had a good and tough teacher while growing up and whatever her father had instilled in her at a young age had been her driving force in the world of business today.

Learning the basics of running a business from her dad Menon Chandra had really taught Norma to take risks in whatever she does in life and to always persevere.

Apart from running her booming business, Norma plays an important role with her son being his stronghold and friend.

She gracefully thanked her husband of 24-years Raymond, who is a shareholder and operations director at her company Redbrick Laundry for being an anchor to both her family and her business.

She dedicated her big win to her amazing team that mainly consists of strong supportive independent women.

Her business provides laundry services to well renowned resorts and hotels in the Western and Central divisions, garment industries, universities and even airlines.

She also thanked God for giving her good opportunities at the right time and for guiding her throughout her life.

Norma encourages young aspiring women entrepreneurs to achieve the unachievable in life and to persevere.

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