Business growth

Timoci Sabakera. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

WITH no capital to begin his business, Timoci Sabakera did not lose hope but started doing whatever he could to sell carved products.

The gathering of pieces of wood from around Labasa Town area and using knives, hammers and other basic tools to start his business has rewarded him today.

Using his house at Basoga, Labasa as a work station, Mr Sabakera does not have any proper machines to carve his products but he uses basic tools to complete his work.

Timoci, commonly known as Jim, started his business about a decade ago but didn’t promote his work much because he wanted to be sure of producing the best for his clients.

Today, his business has flourished and so has the number of his customers.

“I believe it takes a humble heart to start off well and sure before expanding and growing into the limelight of the business world,” Mr Sabakera said.

“Now I am receiving so many orders not only for carving business but for dying materials for groups of women, families or villagers.

“It’s a growing business because I see the demand increasing every month and even the hoteliers and companies have ordered stuff from me.”

The increasing demand has also kept him on his toes for longer hours.

“I have orders from women’s groups for their kala vata (same colour materials), hotels for some carving jobs and even jewellery for some other clients,” Mr Sabakera said.

“So in order to meet this increasing demand and ensure that my customers are satisfied, I work longer hours from my house as I have no space in town to do my jobs.

“But it takes a lot of sacrifices and hard work to survive the business world and I am getting used to that.”

Mr Sabakera has done carving jobs for Grand Eastern Hotel, Labasa Market, Fiji Forest Industries and other hotels in Suva that have ordered some products from him.

“It’s hard not having a capital to start a business but I just collected some pieces of wood, asking friends and relatives and whatever little money I had was used to buy glue and other materials for my products,” he said.

“But when I look back at how I started, I only thank God for giving me the strength to endure through hardships and to hang on even though times were a bit tough.

“Officials from the Ministry of Forestry visited me last year and they offered to help but am still waiting. I am not losing hope and I know they will come around to help.”

He can be contacted on 9062911 or 9243409 for business purposes.

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