Bus stop

A BUS stop beside the Immigration Office, which was meant for passengers getting off for Walu Bay, has been a resting places for buses nowadays. Buses can be seen parking in the area and drivers taking a nap, or a cigarette break and telling stories.

At times, there are buses parked end to front and this could be dangerous for the public as where they are supposed to disembark is occupied by the buses.

At Nausori, when the new bus terminal was opened, the terminal alongside the market was strictly a no-parking area. However, buses are now starting to park there because it seems, at least to me, no one is in control over who parks and stops there.

The terminal was meant for buses coming from the West to stop and the presence of lots of bus terminal marshals meant there was control. Now, some drivers do whatever and whichever way they can.

Hopefully, the relevant authorities will look into the issue very carefully before it gets out of control.

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