Bus station

LAUTOKA bus stand is an accident/tragedy waiting to happen.

How people navigate around buses, pools of thick oil and each other (during end of school hours), without getting injured is indeed mind boggling! An art perfected I reckon.

Jest aside, are we waiting for a child, God forbid, to be sandwiched between two buses, before our concerns are acted on? Just like in Suva where there was a sudden flurry of activity, sadly after the fact?

And what about the toxic fumes and oil emitted from some of the buses?

Oil now so thick and in pools, I dread to think what might happen should a lit match be tossed carelessly into one of them.

I believe a few concerned citizens took it upon themselves and embarked on a clean up campaign some years ago.

Kudos to them for the initiative, however, is it their responsibility? I don’t think so.

Unless of course we can picture ourselves shovelling garbage out of our neighbourhood drains as a goodwill service to the council, in the near future.

The relevant authorities need to take action now.

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