‘Bus services will cease if villagers fail to get vaccinated’

Namara district representative Sekaia Mua. Picture: JONA KONATACI

Bus services will cease in the district of Namara, Tailevu if villagers do not get themselves vaccinated against COVID-19 by November 30. This, according to district representative Sekaia Mua.

He made the comment during the launch of the 16 Days of Activism against Violence Against Women facilitated by Medical Services Pacific at Nakorolevu Village yesterday.

Mr Mua said the directive came from an army officer and Health Ministry official who were at the village.

“By the 30th of this November, everyone in the district of Namara needs to be vaccinated,” he said.

“If we fail to do so, they will take away bus services in this area.

“I am urging all village heads, please relay this message to people who have not taken the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Tailevu provincial administrator Josefa Rokonai said Government had been advocating the need for people to get vaccinated.

“The Government and church have given their views about the importance of this vaccine but people still refuse to take it,” he said.

“We have now reached the point where if people fail to take the vaccine, then bus services will be stopped in this area.”

Nakorolevu Village headman Timoci Naululevu said they had no choice but to adhere to the government directive.

“A lot of people in the district of Namara have refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine,” he said.

Health Ministry permanent secretary Dr James Fong said he was not aware of the directive.

“But it would make sense that only vaccinated persons can board public service vehicles,” he said.

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