Bus services

I feel if the Land Transport Authority in Lautoka wants to check on vehicles operating as public service carriers, the best day to do this is on a Sunday.

I can conclude most of the bus drivers themselves will want to make some more extra cash by using their own private vehicles.

Imagine, to hire a private car from Tavakubu to Lautoka City cost me $7 but on a Monday to Sunday by bus is only 70 cents one way.

I spent $14 on Sunday alone on a private van to drop off relatives in town to catch an express bus to Suva.

On a yellow card my granny pays only $9 to Suva on the express buses.

On the red card, a handicapped person pays nothing on the express but still pays that $7 to a private van from Tavakubu.

I have a request to LTA west to please instruct a certain bus company to service some routes may be every hour on Sundays.

If they cannot run then I feel a certain other company is the best to fill in those gaps as they run on Sundays no problem for Tavakubu/Saru and the outskirts of the city.

This is an honest plea to the authorities.

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