Bus operators under the spotlight

CALLS have been made for more stringent measures against parked buses at the Lautoka terminal.

A number of operators leave their engines running while waiting for passengers, despite regulations against the practice.

Walter Simpson, 87, said the exhaust fumes, leaking oil and dust that emanated from the buses were a serious health hazard and he called on authorities to penalise offenders.

“There are mothers who wait with their infants to go to the Lautoka Hospital for check-ups, and yet the bus stand is the very place where they can get sick,” he said.

“When it rains, oil from leaking engines gets greased on the road and we keep hearing of how buses should avoid emitting so much fumes but nobody seems to get prosecuted.” Land Transport Authority spokesperson Iliesa Sokia said the mechanical and technical challenges of buses needed to be addressed by operators, but stressed they had to comply with their code of practice.

“Leaving their engines running is a breach of the rules and they also have quality maintenance and assurance systems to comply with.”