Bus body concerned

Update: 3:42PM The Fiji Bus Operators Association (FBOA) has raised concerns on the trend of abuse by passengers on bus drivers over the past few weeks.

FBOA general secretary Rohit Latchan says that members of the public were taking advantage of the disposal card regulation by expecting drivers to have change when they present high denomination notes for low denomination cards.

“With electronic ticketing supposedly creating a cashless system, drivers are no longer expected to handle cash, except through the loophole created by the disposable card requirement,” Mr Latchan said.

“Drivers often do not have enough cash to provide change, especially for high denomination notes.”

“And when drivers are unable to provide change, passengers expect to travel free.”

Meanwhile Latchan has reminded the general public that FBOA will stand with bus drivers in a view that bus drivers should not be burdened with carrying disposal cards or cash for change.

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