Burnt cane impacts sugar production

Cane farmers of Lomolomo loading burnt cane in this file picture. Picture: FT FILE

THE Fiji Sugar Corporation has recorded an increasing level of dextran in burnt canes supplied to the three mills.

Over the past two weeks, the total burnt cane supplied to the mills made up 50 percent of the total cane.

This, the FSC said has had an impact on sugar production.

Therefore, the company has called on farmers to avoid burning cane.

“Cane fires and the burning of cane must be discouraged at all costs,” FSC said.

“Burnt cane and extraneous matter is on the rise with increasing levels of dextran now evident in the cane.

“Much like the previous week, burnt cane stood at 50.1per cent which also impacted the sugar make.”

Cane farmers in Labasa have recorded the lowest rate of burnt cane so far this season.

More in today’s edition of The Fiji Times.

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