Bulanauca claims 2018 election the ‘cruelest’

Mitieli Bulanauca the Opposition member of Parliament coming out after yesterday's session.Picture ATU RASEA

OPPOSITION member of Parliament Mitieli Bulanauca acknowledged God for support, direction and strength for what he described “the most delayed, rushed, ill-prepared and cruelest General Election 2018”.

In his maiden speech to Parliament yesterday, Mr Bulanauca claimed the November polls was the first ever cruelest and rushed election by the FijiFirst led Government.

“We were only given one week, not even a week for this session,” he said.

Mr Bulanauca was one of the 13 MPs who responded to President Jioji Konrote’s speech following the opening of Parliament on Monday.

In his response yesterday, he thanked President Konrote for his address and said he thought the President was campaigning for the FijiFirst Party during his speech.

“May I request the FijiFirst Government not to draft a presidential address that would or may embarrass his excellency. They must not lower his dignity by forcing him to again do a political speech as if campaigning here in this House. “Campaigning has finished,” he added.

Mr Bulanauca also acknowledged his family and his supporters for enabling him to win a Parliament seat after the recent general election.

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