Bula smile

SINCE they say laughter is the best medicine, often we can get a glimpse of gathered people laughing away the moment or when in a good spirit miming along a boogie song.

One in particular is a new song contributed for the sympathetic nurses around the nation.

A lyric goes “nomu dredre ga e talavo” is said when the patient is in pain; the nurse’s smile is the best working medicine.

No doubt about our natural humour since our smiling faces is our distinctive aspect known around the globe.

No doubt about our smiling faces and sense of humour where tourists would return solely because of the people.

No doubt about the service of our own international airline when their vital aspect of hospitality is complemented with the smiling faces of the cabin crew promoting Fiji at the highest altitude.

Even on the rugby field when our players are battered and bruised, there would always be a smile on their faces.

When we are stressed out, on the edge or may come across challenges, learn by heart to relieve ourselves with a bula smile!

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