Building standards

As I sat on my porch on Friday afternoon looking out towards Koro Sea anticipating Severe TC Winston, I mentioned to my wife how Severe TC Winston was going to reveal poor building workmanship here in Savusavu. Many here build their own homes while many use professional builders and it was time for all to get tested by mighty Severe TC Winston.

Those who built their own homes and did so in cutting cost over quality must have been scared-worried!

Those contractors who assured cyclone-proof construction work were surely scratching their heads as well! Sure enough Severe TC Winston revealed quality over the lack of it!

Homes were flattened right next to ones that remained standing. Roofs were gone next to those that remained steadfast.

Many who built their homes themselves cutting cost over proper quality lost their homes. Many who used the proper building techniques got their homes saved. As we boated and drove along our coastline, I continuously muttered, “I wonder who built this one?”

And as we passed property after property it became obvious who provided good solid workmanship over poor shady ones! Some so-called professional builders are not so professional after all! It’s time authorities come down hard on building laws and regulations in that every home built must be constructed to the proper specified building codes.

For the safety of our family and ourselves and also that of our neighbours.

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