Building foundations

Left to right: BSP relieving country head, Maikash Ali, Deputy Prime Minister, Manoa Kamikamica, British High Commissioner, Dr Brian Jones and ABV Chief Executive Officer, Liz Mckinlay Picture: Eliki Nukutabu

THE Fiji THRIVE program will provide training and mentoring to 25 promising Fiji business leaders over the coming six months to equip them with skills to build the foundation that they need for future business growth.

The acronym THRIVE means, “Together, Helping (to build a) Resilient, Inclusive and Vibrant Economy” which captures the essence of this program earmarked as key to unlocking Fiji’s entrepreneurship and women-led businesses for more resilient and sustainable communities.

BSP Relieving Country head Maikash Ali said, “This program is the latest under the BSP Group’s partnership with the Australian international development organisation, ABV, and we are delighted to deliver it as Fiji THRIVE, tailored to our business environment.

“Each year BSP supports social and environmental programs that enrich our communities, and we couldn’t be more excited about the far-reaching impact that this program has to offer. After all, by banking on these local businesses, we are also helping Fiji grow,” Mr Ali said.

ABV CEO Liz Mackinlay said “Program participants will gain access to strong business management coaching and ongoing mentorship relationships with our Skilled Business Professionals (SBPs) who come with years of expertise in the region and in driving forward successful companies,” she said.

British High Commissioner, Dr Brian Jones said: “I’ve met some fabulous Fiji entrepreneurs and business people here and linking them up with the experience of ABV and the financial support of BSP will give their businesses a solid head-start.

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