Building, engineering and safety products

ARE you looking for building, engineering and safety products? Multiline Traders located at 136 Ratu Mara Rd, Samabula, opposite The Hot Bread Shop is equipped with necessary staff and resources to ensure the best professional service is provided at all times.

The company sees teamwork on every project as the key success element and is responsible for creating this environment. The over-all project manager is duty-bound in ensuring efficient and regular communication to all stakeholders and at all levels.

Multiline Traders are wholesalers and rerailers of safety hardware and toys and they believe in hands-on approach on all projects.


To grow their multi-disciplinary team in order to offer a broad spectrum of specialists engineering, safety and hardware consulting services and to become clients preferred Professional Service Provider (PSP) choice through excellence and efficiency in all aspects of the project life cycle.

Whether it is a safety product, engineering product, engineering product general hardware needs, Multiline Traders is a leading practice that will exceed expectations and set new standards.

Major products and services include OHS safety signage, general tools, hardware, electrical, paints, welding tools, OHS safety equipments.

The company’s experienced and focused team are well placed and equipped and contain the correct experience and qualifications to carry out functions with diligence and skill.

Collaborative arrangement sought

* Close co-operation with manufacturers in Taiwan to develop business opportunities in the field of OHS safety products, general hardware, electrical, paints and wearing products.

Company targets

Suppliers of the most applicable materials in Fiji for the Fijian market especially for the safety and engineering industry

Business interest in

* Multiline traders is interested to find competitive suppliers in order to increase sales in Fiji economy

* The company was established in 2014 as a supplier of the most applicable materials in Fiji for the Fijian Market, especially for the safety and engineering industry.

For more information customers can contact either Sanjeet Kumar on call on mobile 9868958, 7511462 or Umen Chand on 9289431, 3556555 or email on

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