Bug found in food

A LABASA family has called on the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to improve hygiene at the hospital after they found a bug in the food dished for an admitted patient.

Vignesh Munsami, a Tabia resident, said his wife was admitted at the Labasa Hospital and during visiting hours, saw a bug on the cucumber that was served with dinner.

“My wife was only admitted overnight and while we were still in the hospital with her, one of the attendants served dinner and we saw the bug on the cucumber,” he said.

“When they dished the food into the plate, they didn’t even see the bug which was right on top of the cucumber and they didn’t say anything.

“The food served are for patients who are helplessly trying their best to get well. This needs to be addressed before we find something else in the food.”

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has apologised to the family.

In a statement, the ministry said the Labasa Hospital staff members acknowledged the presence of a small “bug” (possibly a tiny caterpillar) that was found in the meal served to a patient.

“The ministry wishes to apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused,” it stated.

“The ministry, however, has a strong preference to use fresh, local produce when possible as it is both healthier and provides support for local growers.

“Catering staff at all public hospitals, including Labasa, work hard to ensure patients receive nutritious and healthy meals.”

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