Budgetary help for sector

A NUMBER of provisions have been made to assist the shipping sector in the 2017-2018 National Budget which was announced in Parliament last week.

The budget breakdown stated Government was committed to providing safe, efficient, affordable, environmentally sound and sustainable inter-island transportation services.

One of the ways this was to be achieved was through the Shipping Franchise Scheme which supported cost-effective shipping services to maritime routes that were otherwise considered to be uneconomical. The scheme has been allocated $2.3million.

The purchase of a new multipurpose vessel will provide transportation for passengers and cargo to maritime islands and also provide medical services to maritime communities. About $8.1m has been set aside for this.

At least $1.2m has also been allocated to finish the upgrade of the government wharf at Walu Bay.

About $400,000 has been provided for the purchase of a standby generator to ensure stable electricity supply during periods of disrupted power supply at that wharf.

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