Budget increase focuses on greater travel, improved communication

RFMF peacekeepers during a live firing exercise. Picture: RFMF

THE Republic of Fiji Military Force received a budget increase of $7.1million in the 2018/2019 National Budget.

This up in their budget is mainly because of a $341,000 increase in operating expenses for greater travel and improved communication.

The RFMF budget also saw a $931,000 increase in maintenance and operations cost to ensure ongoing operations of equipment and machines, an increase of $4.5m for the purchase of goods and services to better equip and prepare RFMF personnel.

This includes
1) Overseas Travel of disciplined services
2) Local Training
3) Messing
4) Capability Stores
5) Personnel Equipment

The increase in allocation is also because of an increase in the special expenditure of the institution because of the inclusion of new expenditure items which includes officer training cadet, naval basic recruit course and national trading account.

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