Brucellosis concern

A local insurance provider is intending to develop a micro insurance cover for livestock, specifically to assist dairy farmers. Picture: FT FILE

The Ministry of Agriculture has detected Brucellosis bacteria in livestock in Savusavu and Taveuni. Picture: FT FILE

RECENT tests carried out by the Livestock Department within the Ministry of Agriculture detected Brucellosis bacteria in livestock in Savusavu and Taveuni.

The ministry’s senior livestock officer Anasa Ralogaivau said Brucellosis was a highly contagious zoonosis caused by consumption of unpasteurised milk or undercooked meat from infected animals, or by close contact with their secretions.

Mr Ralogaivau said after the discovery, transportation of cows and cattles out of the two areas had been restricted.

He said that the Brucellosis bacteria was also found in the Tailevu area.

“Movement of such livestock out of the Tailevu area to any part of the country was also restricted,” he said.

“The movement of livestock from affected areas to other parts of the country is currently banned. “In Vanua Levu, positive risk areas include Savusavu and Taveuni. “Movement of animals out of restricted areas is a worry.”

Mr Ralogaivau has advised those moving livestock during traditional functions to seek assistance from the ministry.

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