Brothers hit the headlines in USA

INSPIRED by the benchmark set by their dad and former national 7s rep Levi Tamaivena, twins Sitiveni Leividilo and Suliasi Naulivou Tamaivena are on the verge of creating sporting history for the coutry.

The brothers are grabbing headlines in the sport of American football during the school championships and their magnificent display have also attracted some top clubs in the US.

The Dawara natives could become the first Fijians to play professional American football in the US.

Following the steps of their dad, the twins have been a revelation in the sport as their talents could take them to greater heights.

Speaking from California yesterday, their dad Levi Tamaivena said his aim was for his sons to continue the family legacy in the sporting arena.

He believed his sons had the material and the potential to become professional players.

“I always challenge my sons to surpass my playing record and I think this motivated them,” said Tamaivena.

“I always encourage the boys if we Fijians can do better in rugby – we can also do better in American football.

“And I am happy with their progress over the years.

“I am optimistic they could become the first Fijians to become professionals in the sport.”

Tamaivena said the brothers had been impressive for their Mount San Antonio College (Mt Sac) team.

“They played in the middle school club championship and also in the high school.

“In 2010 they helped Marysville Pilchuck High School football to remain unbeaten in the play-off and won the championships.

“The following year the brothers were part of the Juanita High School play in play-off and one loss before featuring for the Eastside club in Washington high schools rugby tournament and won the championship.”

Tamaivena said the duo also played under Waisale Serevi’s 7s team in the US but their focus was on American Football.

“We play line backers and top in tackle in our football league,” said Suliasi.

“We also want to be successful in education and we will be transferring to Year Four College to do criminal justice and also play in the NFL.”

The twins thanked their parents and loved ones for their support for their achievement in the sport.

“We thank dad and mom (Levi and Sera Tamaivena) for their advice not forgetting our grand grandparents Maleli and Makelesi Naulivou from Namoli and also Sitiveni and Miriama Matalaba, John and Liku Maccomber,

Talatala Watisoni Lutumaikali and family members for thinking of us in their prayers

“The famous bible verse Philippians 4;13 always motivate us.” For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength.”

The brothers also thanked the Prentice Family and the Lotawa family for their support.

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