Brother wants justice

Navin Kumar remembers his deceased sister Saleshni Devi at his home in Saweni Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

No one can bring my sister back, the only thing we want is justice.

This was the plea of Lautoka resident Navin Kumar whose younger sister was found abandoned near her vehicle in Teidamu, Lautoka a week ago.

Police had recently classified the death of Shaleshni Devi as murder after the completion of her post-mortem examination at the Lautoka Hospital.

“All we want is justice for Shalesnni …that will bring us some comfort,” he said.

“What happened to her is really sad and I do hope the truth will be brought to light because my sister’s death was a tragic one.

“She has left behind her husband and four children and it was devastating to note the manner in which she died.

“We want justice and this will give us some peace.”

The Saweni resident said his sister was quite an outgoing person and loved to socialise with families and friends.

Police media officer Wame Bautolu said investigations continued as Ms Devi’s death had been classified as murder.

He said a few people had been taken in for questioning in the past few days.

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