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LOS ANGELES – Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep yesterday said her “We’re all Africans” comment was taken out of context, writing in the c about the controversy she sparked up amid Hollywood’s ongoing diversity debate. Streep, who earlier this month headed up her first international film jury at the Berlin Film Festival, said her comments to an Egyptian reporter during a press conference about whether she was familiar with cinema from Africa and the Middle East, were “distorted.”



WASHINGTON – Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister said he is willing to consider international participation in investigating possible war crimes during the 26-year Tamil insurgency. “I think it is only fair that the victims of the war would want some form of guarantee that the new courts will deliver justice and accountability in a fair manner, and for that we are willing to consider the participation of international actors,” Mangala Samaraweera, the minister, said at a Washington think tank.



WASHINGTON – A December power outage in Ukraine affecting 225,000 customers was the result of a cyber attack, the US Department of Homeland Security said on Thursday, marking the first time the US Government officially recognised the blackout as caused by a malicious hack. Security experts had already widely concluded that the downing of utilities in western Ukraine on December 23 was because of an attack, which is believed to be the first known successful cyber intrusion to knock a power grid offline.



KINGSTON – Provisional results showed Jamaica’s opposition party narrowly winning a general election on Thursday, with promises of jobs and hefty tax cuts that appealed to voters weary of the current government’s IMF-mandated austerity measures. The Jamaican Labour Party won or was ahead in 34 of 63 parliamentary seats with almost all the votes counted, the electoral commission website showed.

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