Travelling is part of the the life of journalists around the world as they keep moving from one point to another. We have been using our mobile phones to check on the next tram or the bus available to go to the next training venue.

The people are actually very friendly here and they are more than happy to stop and help us, giving us directions and other information.


The security is very tight at all the venues as each time a member of the press enters a venue he or she has to get her bags checked and then go through a body scanner.

There are places where the media is not allowed to enter and take pictures or otherwise there would be consequences.

We have been keeping our eyes and ears open everywhere we go to make sure we follow all the media protocols here.

Long ride

We had been having long rides from one venue to another which is expected to continue in the coming days.

Our modes of transportation includes buses and trams.

Games Village

Fijian athletes have occupied three floors of the building where Team Fiji is camping while the hard working officials are working in their office situated just infront of the Team Fiji camp.

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