Fiji fans

Majority of the fans who turned up to watch Fiji play Jamaica were cheering for the Fiji Pearls despite them being down at the end of the third quarter. Some of them, although they did not know the names of the players, encouraged them to do well in their opening game.

The netball match was played at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Wet sprint

While coming from the Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre, our bus driver dropped us in the middle of the road as it rained heavily and there was no cover around, so we had to sprint our way to shelter which was about 150 metres away. It only lasted about six minutes after which we managed to cover netball.

Media hall

There are journalists from all over the world who are based at the main media centre at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach North. It is spacious and information regarding the competitions and travelling plans are available for the media. The main media transport is only 400 metres away from the main media centre.

Covered bins

The rubbish bins provided at the bus and the tram stations around Gold Coast in Australia have been covered from the start of the Commonwealth Games. It is for security reasons. People are encouraged to take their rubbish with them after getting off at the station.

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