Good training

It has been a good training ground for us (journos) since we have been walking long distance around the different sporting venues. We have been walking around with about seven to nine kilograms bag which contains laptops and camera. It is a good way to lose weight.

Team support

The Fijian weightlifters were seen helping and supporting those who were competing on the stage. Poama Qaqa had the support of Taniela Rainabogi and Manueli Tulo while Eileen Cikamatana and Apolonia Vaivai were cheering for them from the spectators’ area.

Media centre

There are light refreshments available at the main media centre located at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Gold Coast. There are media personnel from different countries who are working in the same room. The professional working area has been set up in such way to accommodate all the media to send news and photos back to their respective countries.

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