Tight security

SECURITY at the Commonwealth Games is almost similar or perhaps more tight than those at airports.

Checks are usually done when entering a venue. Yours truly entered the main media centre yesterday holding a bottle of energy giving drink and was asked to either finish the contents or discard the bottle.

I gulped all so I could be energised throughout the day.

Live feed

There are a number of screens in the main media centre which shows different sports around the Gold Coast.

Journalists from all over the world can monitor the progress of any particular athlete while performing on the screen so they can report on it.

However, we chose to go out and talk to the athletes and bring the best coverage to you. So, much so I have set my own record of 16,123 steps in a day.

Record holder

There are interests from the other media on Eileen Cikamatana’s weightlifting competition yesterday. She was being followed by the regional journalists. Of course, she is a Commonwealth record holder after all.

Busy trams

The tram service is offered 24 hours during the duration of the Commonwealth Games. The trams transport spectators, officials, delegates and media to move from one place to another. For the media covering the games, public transportation is free.

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