Officials quit

NAIROBI – Three Kenyan election officials resigned on Monday, increasing chaos at the electoral Commission following last year’s botched presidential vote that had to be rerun and boycotted by the opposition. The resignations leave only two commissioners.

Prince’s role

LONDON – Britain’s Prince Harry has been appointed a Commonwealth youth ambassador, his highest-profile public role to date and a job that will see him working with his future wife encouraging young people to use the network of mostly former British colonies. Queen Elizabeth, who is the head of the Commonwealth, awarded the position to her 33-year-old grandson.

Syria troops

ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE – President Donald Trump still wants to bring US troops home from Syria but has not set a timeline, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said on Monday.

Sanders said the president also is still willing to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but she indicated that no meeting is imminent.

Turkish warning

ISTANBUL/ATHENS – Turkey cautioned on Monday against what it described as Greek provocations in a longstanding dispute in the Aegean Sea, after Ankara said it had removed a Greek flag that had been hoisted over an uninhabited islet. Turkey and Greece are NATO allies but they have been at odds over issues from ethnically split Cyprus to sovereignty over airspace.

Minister resigns

BRATISLAVA – Slovak Interior Minister Tomas Drucker resigned on Monday after just three weeks in office, saying he could not square public demands for the sacking of the country’s top policeman with what he said was a lack of evidence against him. Tens of thousands of Slovaks joined the country’s biggest demonstrations after February’s killing of journalist Jan Kuciak.

New policy

BERLIN – Germany’s Europe minister called on Monday for a new policy of easing tensions with Russia, adding to a chorus of voices pressing Chancellor Angela Merkel to moderate her hardened stance towards the Kremlin. The conservative chancellor swung behind Britain after the poison attack on a former Russian double agent in England last month.

Iran sanctions

LUXEMBOURG – The European Union failed to agree new sanctions against Iran on Monday amid Italy’s opposition and fears that punishing Tehran for its missile program and regional role would not stop US President Donald Trump from abandoning a separate nuclear deal.

Tanzania flood

DAR ES SALAAM – At least nine people in Tanzania’s commercial capital died after heavy rains flooded homes and roads, authorities said on Monday.

Police chief Lazaro Mambosasa told journalists the people died as a result of heavy rainfall over the past three days.

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