NZ eyes climate refugee visa

NEW Zealand is proposing a special refugee visa for Pacific Islanders who are forced to migrate because of rising sea levels, the nation’s new climate change minister says. In the low-lying and vulnerable Pacific Islands, the number of people moving within their own nations to flee worsening storms, sea level rise and other climate-related crises is still relatively small.

9 ministers sworn in

NINE more ministers have been sworn in Friday as the new Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government (SIDCCG) completes the swearing in of all Cabinet Ministers. Prime Minister Rick Hou wasted no time in appointing his new Cabinet as he prepares to get down to work immediately.

Kiribati ongoing challenge

A LOW-LYING atoll nation in the central Pacific Ocean, Kiribati has a population of just over 110,000 people. Below average rainfall since November 2016 has led to an ongoing drought across the country, with the southern island most severely affected. The extended period of drought has depleted the supply of fresh water.

Canberra climate action

THE role of cities like Canberra in affecting progress against global warming has been considered in the latest United Nations climate talks, with experts welcoming “a groundswell” of innovation. World leaders and environment advocates gathered in Bonn last week for the 23rd conference for signatories to the UN Convention on Climate Change.

Police neglected

RNZ – Cook Islands opposition police spokesperson Tamaiva Tuavera says the Police Department and Ministry of Justice have been badly neglected by successive governments. Mr Tuavera claims both the police and justice have been seriously handicapped and under-resourced with staff among the lowest paid in the Cook Islands public service.

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