Blast kills 8

KABUL – A suicide bomber in the Afghan capital Kabul killed as many as eight people and wounded many others, most of whom appeared to be workers leaving their offices at the start of the evening rush hour, witnesses and officials said on Tuesday.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack in Wazir Akbar Khan, a heavily fortified area of the city which houses numerous foreign embassies and government buildings.

Russian invite

BEIRUT – Russia has invited the Kurdish-led authorities in northern Syria to its proposed congress of Syria’s rival parties in November, a senior Kurdish official said on Tuesday, as Moscow seeks to launch a new initiative to end the Syrian conflict.

“We are studying the issue and our stance has been positive so far,” Badran Jia Kurd, an adviser to the administration that governs Kurdish-led autonomous regions of Syria, told Reuters.

Derna air strike

TRIPOLI – Air strikes killed at least 15 people in the besieged eastern Libyan city of Derna late on Monday, a medical source and a resident said, in an operation condemned by the United Nations due to the high civilian death toll.

The UN Support Mission in Libya said at least 12 children and women were among the dead in Derna, a city about 265 km (165 miles) west of the Egyptian border controlled by a coalition of Islamist militants and rebel veterans known as the Derna Mujahideen Shura Council (DMSC).

Wanted man

MISRATA/BENGHAZI, Libya – A man seized by US forces in Libya accused of involvement in an attack that killed the US ambassador in Benghazi in 2012 is a Syrian who had links to the suspected ringleader, Libyan military officials said on Tuesday.

US special forces captured Mustafa al-Imam in the past few days and he is being transported to the United States, US officials said on Monday, without giving more details.

Main crossing

ANKARA/BAGHDAD/ERBIL, Iraq – Iraqi troops deployed on Tuesday at one of the main land crossings with Turkey, gaining a foothold at the Kurdish-held frontier for the first time in decades and imposing one of Baghdad’s central demands on the Kurds.

Iraq’s entire land border with Turkey is located inside the Kurdish autonomous region, and has been controlled by the Kurds since before the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.


MOSCOW (Reuters) – A Russian submarine on Tuesday fired cruise missiles at Islamic State targets in Syria’s Deir al-Zor province, the RIA news agency cited Russia’s defence ministry as saying.

The submarine, “Veliky Novgorod”, launched three “Kalibr” missiles from the eastern Mediterranean, the agency reported.


ERBIL (Reuters) – There are no winners among Iraq’s Kurds, just weeks after Kurdish president Masoud Barzani gambled away his people’s autonomy in a defiant independence referendum.

The losing bet has come at a steep price for everyone involved.

Barzani has had to give up the presidency, his Kurdish political foes have angered their popular base, and the Kurdish people, who overwhelmingly voted to break away from Iraq, feel further than ever from their lifelong dream of independence.

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