Prince arrested

DUBAI – A Saudi prince was arrested after a video that appeared to show him assaulting a bloodied man stoked outrage online, Saudi police said, in a rare airing of public anger at a member of the powerful royal family.

Ban lifted

KHOBAR – A ban on laptops and other large electronic devices from the cabins of direct flights to the United States from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has been lifted, the last of 10 airports impacted by the restrictions.

Envoy removed

DUBAI – Kuwait ordered the expulsion of the Iranian ambassador and 14 other diplomats for alleged links to a “spy and terror” cell, Iranian and Kuwaiti media reported on Thursday, worsening an unusual public dispute between the two countries.

Reports denied

BENGHAZI, Libya – The Libyan National Army, the main military force in eastern Libya, on Thursday denied accusations that its troops were involved in torture and killing of prisoners after the United Nations urged the LNA to investigate.

Rebel ambush

BEIRUT – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that rebels had killed at least 28 members of Syrian government and allied forces east of the capital Damascus on Thursday. The Britain-based war monitor said a large number of fighters had been killed as they tried to advance into Eastern Ghouta.

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