Bridges a major focus for FRA

Fiji Roads Authority chief executive officer Jonathan Moore says a major focus for them is to develop a team for asset inspection and maintenance of bridges and jetties around the country.

Mr Moore said he wanted FRA to be self-reliant in order to review the jetties and bridges around the country.

“Bridges in Fiji are quite old in some cases. One of my big concerns is that they don’t seem to have a great deal of life based on the findings now.

“Generally, a bridge should last about 80 years. There are bridges around the world that have lasted over hundred of years,” Mr Moore said.

“But a bridge should not be lasting 30-40 years and it needs to be done in a way that it has long life. So I want to know why they are they are not lasting and I want to have a team within FRA to gain experience and know how to monitor bridges. Bridges are a very serious issue in the country.”

He highlighted many bridges around the country were the only means of connectivity between settlements.

“If you go to the rural areas, and they lose a bridge, they have lost connectivity. We can’t allow that to happen,” he said.

There are 1200 bridges in the country.

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