Bridge request raised

VILLAGERS of Lawaki in Macuata claim they have waited four years for a bridge to be built at the nearby Lawaki river outside Labasa.

More than 300 families are believed to have been affected by floodwaters during rainy days.

Villager Onisimo Vuniwaqa said having a bridge at the Lawaki river would greatly help them during rainy weather when the river would flood and prevent students from travelling to school.

“It’s important to get a bridge in the sense that we cross this river every time when we bring our children to school and when we go to town,” he said.

“This is our only link to Korotari main road to board the bus and travel to Labasa.”

Mr Vuniwaqa claimed they had raised their concerns with the FRA but no changes had taken place since lodging their complaints.

Questions sent to Fiji Roads Authority on March 6 by electronic mail (email) followed by numerous attempts yesterday to get a comment on the issue remained unsuccessful when this report went to press.

Mr Vuniwaqa said it was of no use for Fiji Roads Authority to upgrade the roads up at Satulaki Village when the main crossings were in poor condition.

“Every time when there is a flood, parents have to swim across the river with their children or we will put the children in big pots and take them across to the other side.

“Just a few weeks ago, the river was flooded for three days and we had to carry our children across so they could go to school.”

“We have also written a petition asking them for their assistance but we are still waiting,” he said.

“The very reason for our request is because our children’s lives are at risk, their education is also at risk because when bad weather exists, they cannot cross and therefore they don’t go to school so their education is affected.”

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